Thursday, December 11, 2008

My first Blog.

Ok so I'm doing this blogging thing. But what do I write about? It took me forever just to think of a name for my blog and all I could come up with is "Babydoll's Nuts and Bolts!", what the heck!! Hey I could of put "Babydoll's In's and Out's" but that just didn't sound right. Then I was going to put "Babydoll's Playpen", but that just sounded pornographic! Oh well, hope you all like it.

Well today I went to Chuck E Cheese for my niece's birthday party. She turned 7 years old today and am thrilled to know that she's starting to take an interest in art! I love to draw so I was very excited to hear about it from my brother Gilbert (her dad). She is growing up so fast I can't believe it.

After hanging out with my family and some friends of hers at Chuck E Cheese my mom decided that I should go to church and say a prayer to "La Virgen De Guadalupe" since I was named after her when I was born. I wasn't too excited since I am not really a church going person, but I was not opposed to it so I went. I haven't been to a church in a very, very long time so I was almost excpecting to burst into flames the second I walked through the gates....but alas I did not. I have to say it felt nice. It was a long overdue visit. I should have gone shortly after my transplant but I just kept putting off. I'll sleep well tonight.


  1. Imelda..
    Glad you started a Blog..I enjoy your writing..It was so wonderful to meet you and have Ritas:)
    Take care ..
    Talk to ya soon.

  2. Hummmm... Nuts and Bolts eh?
    LOL. I think its actually cute :)
    I am glad you got this started. I also went and paid a visit to La Virgen de Guadalupe and took her some flowers :)

  3. Ooooh you have a blog!! I just discovered it! LOL! I love the blog name, it works well! Welcome to the world of blogging! hehe

    Colleen :)