Sunday, January 11, 2009

I hate being sick!

Don't mind me I'm just whining, but dammit....
I hate being sick!

This past week I've come down with a cold. My body has been aching from head to toe and my head throbbing.

I'm not sure if this is true for everyone but when I was a kid I loved being sick. I got to stay home from school! The only part that sucked was home video games barely existed and from 1pm to 3pm there was nothing on TV except soap operas, we had no cable TV back then. No MTV, no Discovery or TLC or Comedy Central or Cartoon Network. No video tapes…DVDs and the Internet didn’t exist yet! Still, kids always have fun.

Now though I just absolutely hate being sick. It feels awful; it ruins all your plans, etc. This week I was supposed to go out dancing to a new club in Hollywood that I have been excited to go to for a long time. And, although I know there are people much worse off in this aspect there are also people much better off. My friend Francis says she can't remember the last time she was sick. My boyfriend gets sick only about once a year. Me on the other hand, I get sick almost without fail, 5 times a year or about once every 2.5 months and during those "well" 2.5 months there are usually 4 or 5 times where I get a small sore throat or a small cough indicating I caught something and I always pray it won't get worse.

I know that as a kid it used to feel so unfair that there was an attendance award at elementary school for perfect attendance. I also remember this boy Michael was one of the kids that got it every single year 5 years in a row. I felt it was unfair because it wasn't based on merit, it was based on luck. I didn't choose to get sick, I just got sick. Good Grief!!

I am sick, I feel like crap
My nose is leaking
Just want to nap
My sight is blurry
My throat just hurts
Read medicine labels
For caution alerts
Been drinking juices
And blowing my nose
My body screams aches
From head to my toes
Won't go to the doctor
Will just stay in bed
While gibberish poems
Dance in my head
Just watching TV
Screening old movies
Will old characters help
And simply behoove me
I'm seeking ideas
My head in a cloud
Quiet shy ladies
Or men who are loud
The story lines blur
As I fall fast asleep
Thoughts are all jumbled
Some goofy some deep
I wake up and ponder
What time is it now
Juice and more vitamins
Give false hope somehow
I hate being sick
My mind doesn't work
I wish I was healthy
My normal self quirk.
Thanks for reading.